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The word “inflation” originally applied solely to the quantity of money. It meant that the volume of money was inflated, blown up, overextended. It is not mere pedantry to insist that the word should be used only in its original meaning. To use it to mean “a rise in prices” is to deflect attention away from the real cause of inflation and the real cure for it.


Henry Hazlitt, What You Should Know About Inflation (1960)

I’ve made this argument many times (see here, herehere, and here), but am only now reading Hazlitt’s WYSKAI. Definitely a worthy read.


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  15. asuperfluousman said: Love WYSKAI. However, Hazlitt’s definition should be slightly amended. Inflation should be understood as an increase in the supply of money that doesn’t match the increase in demand for money. Selgin understands inflation thusly, and I believe Mises held a similar view,…
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