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As if more proof were needed about the minimum wage’s devastating effects, yet another study has reached the same conclusion….

(Note: If you want to read the right-wing nonsense that I edited-out above, I think you can find the link back to the blog of its purveyor.)

And now to debunk that Chicago School, cheap labor conservative nonsense from the Right’s token black economist, are 650 other economists

First, to your “cheap labor” condemnation that links to where the left-wing hive-mind seems to divine its rhetoric: in a free market (1) “cheap labor” is still voluntary labor (2) “cheap labor” draws down the price of products lest competition usurp business. So, if we are to accept the allegation of “cheap labor” we then must see it also as “cheap prices” - commensurate one to another.

But to your main rebuttal (which, by your standards that have called me "LA Liar," the racist corporatist, is almost polite): am I to be impressed that 650 statists, most likely Keynesians who live off the state teat agree that the state’s meddling in the economy produces positive results? Perhaps next you’ll find, surely with great difficulty, 650 Dallas Cowboys season ticket holders who, in one strong voice, opine that next year Dallas will win it all?

And here’s more from the Economic Policy Institute’s 2009 fact sheet regarding the minimum wage increase of that year…

Am I also to be impressed that the Economic Policy Institute (the group who assembled the aforementioned 650 economists), a consistently partisan think tank that has been a reliable shill for stimulus/bailouts, public sector unions (they get nearly a third of their funding from them…), international protectionism, trade deficit hysteria, unemployment fabrications, and international free trade agreement hocus-pocus - once again finds itself on the statist side of an argument? 

But this isn’t merely dismissing an argument for who makes it: I reject the ideology that has historically been proven to be destructive and necessarily requires less liberty for individuals. What these so-called economists have in common is your same aversion to liberty, faith in central planning, and lack of concern for that which is unseen.

But hey, don’t believe over 650 economists and the Institute they back, go ahead and believe the Right’s token (and self-loathing racist/sexist) black economist…

I thought Thomas Sowell was the token black economist? All the left’s allegations of bigotry are quite difficult to keep track of…

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    And there you have it folks. You almost don’t even have to read this whole thing; just read the last two paragraphs.
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