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TSA Must See or Touch Your Whole Body →

Link above goes to an all-too-typical TSA frustration story.

I had such an ordeal last month at Fort Lauderdale International airport.

I was passing through security with my wife and one and a half year old daughter. We got to the front after pushing our carefully positioned bags, belongings, and shoes through the x-ray machine, only to realize that before us was the full-body violation chamber.

I quickly and politely declined to the TSA agent directing we cattle through the scanner. She was incredulous to the point of disgust: “You refuse?” To her, my request was on par with asking to shit in her pocket. It was completely unexpected and revolting.

Sternly, she commanded me to stand to the side. I held my daughter while waiting for a male agent to become available to pat me down. Meanwhile, our stuff - wallet, watch, phones, laptops, etc. - had reached the other side of the x-ray machine, sitting unattended. I asked the friendly agent what would happen to our things. She laughed, scoffed: “I don’t know. Maybe you should have thought of that.”

How dare I slightly inconvenience their routine by not wanting my privacy violated and my body unnecessarily zapped with radiation. Me and my silly rights.

We were instructed to pass through the metal detector - except I wasn’t allowed to hold my daughter. She - a nineteen twenty month old - had to walk through on her own.

When finally a male attendant directed me to the completely exposed area in the middle of the security checkpoint, another person had to be found to pat down my daughter. Yes, to the TSA, my 20-month-old posed a potential threat.

After over 20 minutes of waiting and thorough touching (including in areas reserved for my wife), as well as a baby diaper check and an explosive-residue scan of all of our bags, we were then free to go on our way.

Flying has never been so safe!


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